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Gana Kiritharan has Delivered an important Article of  His Experience of Treating his Diabetic Problem and Intellectual Research he has done about the Disease. For more details:






In this Article Gana Kiritharan redefining T2DM.

Explains how Present definition of T2DM fundamentally wrong.

 Explains how giving Insulin to T2DM courses renal failure.


Gana Kiritharan may deliver the intellectual work as Lecture. You Can watch Gana Kiritharan's Lectures live telecast from following page:


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I, Gana Kiritharan, am experiencing chronic medical problems from year 2002 (age of 34) which can be identified as Metabolic Syndrome. On May 2010, I discovered that I am a victim of chronic form of Toxic Metal Toxicity (Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and other) possibly due to criminal intention. After I started treatment for my Toxic Metal Toxicity I experienced high level of fluctuation of my Fasting Blood Glucose value. When I recalled my mother’s medical problems I realized she may suffered chronic form of toxic metal toxicity for a long period of time and she may get these toxic metals from fire woods used in the kitchen. When I searched for more evidence for toxic metal toxicity as the cause for woman health problem, I found toxic metal toxicity may me an important contributory factor for menopausal syndrome and several other psychological problems suffered by woman.

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Gana Kiritharan's attempt to Communicate with Health Care Authority and Professionals.

Gana Kiritharan stated to communicate with Health Care Authority and Professionals with intention increase awareness of this medical problem so that he and similar victims will receive proper care. Details of such Communication and response received as follows.




How I was Poisoned and How I Discovered?

I, Gana Kiritharan when cooking some curry on 18th or 19th of May 2010 at my apartment accidentally over heated a cooking utensil (made of stainless steel). When I realized my mistake, I turned off the electric cooker and took the utensil from cooker to spore some water into it. Then I saw a small amount of glittering fluid running in the utensil. Initially I thought the cooking utensil stated to melt so discard the glittering fluid into wash basin, continued my cooking of few more curry, stored the cooked curries into my fridge and freezer and continued to eat as usual. [Details]

For last one or two years I may be experiencing an unusual smell coming in my breath. For last few months this smell may be more frequent and I am able to correlate to the foods kept in my fridge. This smell used to come one or two hours after I ate food items kept in my fridge. Also I may be experiencing increased general tiredness, joint and muscle pain, identifiable short term memory loss over last few months. Few days after the incidents mentioned in the previous paragraph, I developed a suspicion that the glittering fluid I saw may be mercury and the sign and symptoms I was experiencing may be caused by mercury poisoning. (The glittering fluid can not be mercury as when heated mercury will easily evaporate. It is either lead or cadmium or some other toxic metals.) [Details]

When I searched for information about mercury poisoning I was shocked. The symptoms and signs I was experiencing were typical of mercury poisoning. Then a battle begins with the medical professionals who were treating me. After several denials and refusals a Hair Mineral Analysis Report and a Urine Toxic Metals Report may confirm a high level of toxic metals in my body.[Details]

Despite these confirmations I may still failing to receive a proper protection from this poisoning attempts because negligence in Ontario Health Care System and Ontario Judiciary. On Judicial side this poisoning attempt may be the work of my personal of political enemies who wanted “Vigorously harass” me for personal or ideological differences. Though Canadian Human Rights act and several other law and regulations (including Canadian Criminal Code) guarantee protection from such criminal harassment, as member from socially vulnerable community, I may be seeing these guarantee only on paper but may failing to see on real life. I am also facing difficulties in receiving proper treatment because of my personal financial situation. I would like to ask moral and financial support from my friends and well wishers for this issue. [Details]

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GK's Advise for People who may be Suffering from Toxic Metal Toxicity

Gana Kiritharan's experience of other Criminal (Vigorous) Harassments in Canada

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